The Top Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Havana, Cuba
Cuba remains one of the greatest tourist destinations the world over and open to tourists from all over. However when it comes to taking a travel to Cuba, there are some basic things that you need to know about this tourist destination. With these, you will be sure to have a time that you will cherish as you have your time in Cuba. Read on  this company

First and foremost, you need to know of the fact of the currencies used in Cuba. In Cuba there are two kinds of currencies in use. These are the CUP and the other is the CUC. The CUP is generally the local currency used by the Cubans for their business and daily trades and the CUP is that other currency that is linked to the American dollar and is the one that is mean to be used by the tourists. As such as a tourist you need to make sure that all your transactions are in the CUC currency and for any change, ensure that they are in CUC as well. Going to Cuba, you need to as well be aware of the fact that you will not be able to use credit cards from US based banks. This affects even the other credit cards from the other banks as there are not many of the places that accept cards. For this reason, it may as such be a need for you to carry all your money with you in your briefcase. Also  read more now

As you plan for your travels to Cuba, you as well need to take into consideration the need for travel around. By and large, cars seem to be a rarity in Cuba in relation to the population there is in it. Cuba doesn't have as much in cars and as such when it comes to travels you may have to pay commensurately. Thus it may be wise of you to consider making early arrangements in this regard and for this probably consider making early bookings with your hotel or casa service for this. In case you are planning for a tour that will be taking you out of Havana, there are some few alternatives that you may go for. Some of these alternatives are such as renting a car, hiring a private car, taking a taxi collectivo and buying an all-inclusive tour. The other alternative to getting around Cuba out of Havana is to hop into a tourist-only Viazul bus.

Like it is with accommodation, when it comes to foods and eating, you can as well choose to go for the private eateries or use the government establishments. But a number have had a preference for the casa eating alternative. View