Planning a Tour in Cuba
You should choose to travel to Havana if you love travelling. Havana has several exciting and culturally interesting things that may attract you. These days, traveling in cub has been made easy because even airports are working. Many UNESCO world heritage sites are found in Cuba which has made it to be known in the whole world. Cuba also has other attraction sites that lure a lot of tourists who love travelling. One of the most important UNESCO sites is the Old Havana. Old Havana is one of the historical center in Cuba that receives many tourists. This place also host many attractive things that are worth to be visited. The fortresses and other Spanish colonial architecture are also found there. There are many cultural and historical sites in Cuba and this has made even students to travel there these days so that they can explore them. Read on  VC Tours Havana

Popularity of the island of Cuba has increased these days because of the sandy beaches and warm sunny weather that is found there. Cuba has received many tourists in the past few years. Most of these tourists come from other countries, they are not locally based. One of the last countries in the world that are facing political instability, Cuba is one of them. This is why tourist avoided going there a few years ago because of security reasons. Security has been improved in Cuba these days because the state has become stable in terms of politics. You will only travel a few miles from Cuba before you reach Key West Florida.

Cuba has grown economically from the foreign exchange it receives from the tourism industry. Cuba is chosen by many tourists because it has many historical sites and they prefer seeing them rather than reading about them on the internet. There are different schedules of tours in Cuba. This allows one to choose the type of culture that you are most interested in learning more about. You will have to make stopovers at the University of Havana, Santiago and Cuba's national art schools if you are traveling for educational purposes. Visit

There are also several museums that are worth to be visited. Cuba's literacy museum is of the most visited museums in Cuba. Cuba has other attraction sites apart from the museums and the historical sites. There is also plenty of free time that is scheduled every day. You should not worry about time because you will even enjoy the sandy beaches and swimming when you choose to travel in Cuba. You will even involve yourself in some activities like fishing and skin diving when you visit the beaches in Cuba. The restaurants that are in Cuba serves delightful seafood that you enjoy eating. You will not find not find artwork at any other place in the world apart from Cuba, and so, if you love artwork it is worth to go there. View